Dean’s Transformation

“Training with Matt, I lost over 5 stone in six months, transformed my body and changed my life!” Dean’s body transformation……… “Matt is an awesome personal trainer who makes exercise an enjoyable challenge, together with helping to build confidence. Having never entered a gym prior to training with Matt, I was initially apprehensive and nervous.…

Mid-week Inspiration

I found this great video on YouTube today for some mid-week inspiration….. It really is amazing what you can achieve, start with a small goal and then work up to the bigger ones. Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it!

5:2 diet

Interesting article about the 5:2 diet….. Personally I’m not a fan of diets or quick fixes to loose weight, whilst many of them provide quick results lots of diets are unsustainable and in my experience people generally end up putting weight back on when they start eating normally again. Making a lifestyle change regarding your nutrition…

What’s the best type of training for Fat Loss?

I get asked the question “what’s the best thing to do in the gym for weight loss?” The answer to this question will vary from trainer to trainer, my view is that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the best type of training to burn body fat. I put the focus on burning body fat…

Lemon water before breakfast?

Interesting video I’ve found on youtube about the benefits of drinking Lemon water before breakfast – I’ve started doing this myself and noticed I have much more energy in the morning which is great! take a look, see what you think!