Everyday Fat Loss Recipes eBook


21 Fat Loss Recipes eBook.

Quick and easy recipes to help with fat loss, available for download as an eBook.


My Everyday Fat Loss Recipes eBook is a collection of 21 tasty foods to help with fat loss.

“Carefully selected recipes”

I’ve worked with a team of Nutritionists to carefully select these tasty dishes.

They look great, they’re easy to follow and you can use them everyday.

“Plant Based”

Also, the dishes are easy to adapt to make them totally plant based, just replace the meat for Veggie alternatives such as Tofu and Tempeh and use an egg replacer.

What are you waiting for?

Diet alone may not give you the results you want.

I can help you improve your results with a home or gym based program.

Purchase the eBook and start burning that fat today!

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