Personal Training: Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the frequently asked questions about Personal Training with me.

Q: What can I expect from my Personal Trainer?

A: I’ll consult with you about your goals and assess your physical needs to design a program specifically for you. I will also oversee your entire program and progress.

Q: What will my Personal Trainer expect from me? 

A: As your PT I’ll ask that you’re completely honest with me, your health and goals are important to me, and I really want to make sure you achieve them.

Your programme will be based on what you tell me. I can’t get the programme correct for you if you don’t give me all the correct information.

I’ll also ask you to be committed to the programme. Please speak to me straight away if you’re struggling or might quit (for whatever reason). I want to keep you on the road to success.

Q: What does Personal Training cost?


Individual sessions: £35 each

Block of 10 sessions: £299.99



Q: How do I pay for my sessions?

A: Please pay by credit/debit card, PayPal or by cash.

Q: What if I have a meeting or go on holiday and will not be able to make my scheduled appointments?

A: If you can’t make your appointment, please do your best to stick to the 24-hour notification policy and reschedule for another time that week. If you cannot make another time you will still have the rest of the month to catch up.

Q: What if I get sick or injured?

A: A great option is to keep your appointment and I will focus on less vigorous session. This may include: stretching, relaxation training, retesting your body composition, reassessing goals and the fitness plan.

In the event of an injury to one part of your body, I can focus on another area.

If you have a more serious injury or illness that would hinder your ability to come in at all, I will look at the situation on a case by case basis, and look at changing or pausing the programme.

Q: Do my sessions expire?

A: My aim is to help you achieve your goals by providing you both structure and consistency.

I therefore encourage you to use your sessions within your original committed period.

Q: What happens at the end of my agreement?

A: That’s easy, my goal is that you’ll love training so much, that you’ll continue to stay with me long term. I value feedback,  so please let me know what I/we can do better to meet your needs.

If I am still unable to add the value you’re looking for, then there are no other obligations.

Q: Will my training fee ever go up?

A: You are guaranteed the same rate for the length of your term commitment (eg 1 session or block of 10).  At the point of renewal, I/we reserve the right to increase your training fees.

Q: Do I need to join a gym to have personal training with you?

A: No, I work out of Ocean Fitness where you can come for PT only without needing a membership. I can also do PT in your home or outdoors.

Q: If I have a question, who should I talk to? 

Please email me at or use the contact form

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