FitBrit Challenge 2014

On the 1st August 2014, Men’s Fitness magazine and Fitness First launched their annual FitBrit challenge which consists of 8 exercises performed against the clock, with the aim of completing all 8 in the fastest time.

Today I decided to take up the challenge and see how fast I could do them, the exercises are:

a) 500 metre row at level 10 (400 metres for women)

b) 30 x Kettlebell double-arm push press using 12kg (20 using 8kg for women)

c) 20 x ViPR Lateral Tilt using 16kg (10kg for women)

d) Bike – 3km at level 10 (level 6 for women)

e) Press-up – 30 reps (20 reps for women)

f) Steelbell Slam 9kg – 20 reps (10 reps for women)

g) Kettlebell Swing – 20kg 30 reps (12kg for women)

h)  Treadmill – 1km run

It was a tough challenge but one that I was determined to finish, as this was my first FitBrit my focus throughout was not on the time but on finishing the current exercise and getting through the next one, using this strategy together with some self sports hypnosis I successfully completed the challenge in a respectable 15mins 02secs!

As of Monday 18 August, I'm the fastest Man in the Brighton club!!!

As of Monday 18 August, I’m the fastest Man in the Brighton club!!!

The challenge runs for several weeks, so if you think you have what it takes to take the challenge get down to a Fitness First club and have a go at FitBrit 2014 – if you’re not a Fitness First member, visit the Men’s Fitness site for details on how to get a Free Fitness First Pass, perhaps you’ll even beat my time….

After completing the challenge in 15mins 02seconds



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