Dean’s Transformation

“Training with Matt, I lost over 5 stone in six months, transformed my body and changed my life!”

Dean’s body transformation………

“Matt is an awesome personal trainer who makes exercise an enjoyable challenge, together with helping to build confidence.

Having never entered a gym prior to training with Matt, I was initially apprehensive and nervous. Matt introduced me to the different areas in the gym gradually to build my confidence. Matt tailored the approach and coverage to my changing needs, introducing me the advantages of circuit training, upper, mid and lower body strength training, cardio, boxing and spin classes.

I can’t believe that 6 months ago I had never entered a gym before – soon, I’ll be taking part in charity runs and cycle rides!!

Matt has helped me exceed my expectations at the gym, and has helped me loose over 5 stone in weight across 6 months sustainably and healthily. I’ve also dropped my body fat by over 5%.

Taking a calm approach, Matt has helped me to build exercise and healthy eating into my daily routine. I have totally changed my approach to life, thank you”

What Dean’s achieved in his journey so far:

  • Dropped from 18st 2lbs (116kg) to 13st 1lbs (83.5kg)
  • Dropped from 38inch waist to 32inch waist
  • Dropped from XL to S top size
  • Lowered Body Fat Percentage (BFP) from 23% to 18%
  • Eating healthier foods every day
  • Improved posture and massively increased confidence

The journey continues…..

Dean’s set himself the goals for 2015 to

  • to take part in a 10K charity run
  • to take part in a charity spin session
  • to drop BFP to 12% by July



Dean in July 2014, one week before starting his transformation journey

Dean in January 2015, 6 months into his transformation

Dean in January 2015, 6 months into his transformation












What Matthew has to say……

Prior to July 2014 Dean had never entered a gym before, he was recently out of a longterm relationship, his weight had spiralled to over 18 stone and his confidence was quite low.

I met Dean at Fitness First in Brighton and during our initial conversation he told me that he didn’t want any personal trainer, he wanted someone who would “get inside his head” and work on his mind as well as transforming his body – this was a perfect match as my NLP and Hypnosis training could work on his mind, whilst my Personal Training can focus on his body and nutrition.

During our initial meeting I talked to Dean about nutrition as well as finding out what he wanted to achieve from coming to the gym. He kept me a food diary for a week and I recommended changes that would help him to achieve his goal. I tailored the training specifically to Dean and progressed it at a rate that was right for him.

We also identified a small imbalance in Dean’s shoulder, working with his Osteopath, we successfully strengthened this weaker area providing Dean with more stabilisation and support whilst reducing the pain he was experiencing. Dean is now standing taller with greater confidence and significantly improved posture.

Dean always gives me 100% during our sessions, across the 6 months we’ve been working together I’ve seen him change, he’s come out of his shell, he’s meeting new people and growing in confidence every day.

It’s been a pleasure to be a part of his journey and I’m looking forward to helping him achieve more success throughout 2015!


Dean's Trainer - Matthew Etherington

Dean’s Trainer – Matthew Etherington








Will you be the body transformation story for 2015? Contact me today to find out how I can help you achieve success this year…..


Coming soon – more success stories, plus I share my own transformation story with you!

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