Brighton & Hove Pride 2014 – The Rainbow Run

Last weekend saw Brighton & Hove celebrate Pride 2014, it was a fantastic weekend and one that I was proud to have been part of.

This year as part of the week-long celebrations Brighton Pride held a 5 kilometre “Rainbow Run” in Preston Park, I was there bright and early to help set up and then warmed up the runners with a Disco themed warm up, carefully assisted by local entertainer Dolly Rocket.


Matthew Etherington & Dolly Rocket


I took the runners through a series of exercises carefully adapted to fit with “the Worlds a Disco” theme, including Jumping Jacks in the style of the YMCA and Saturday Night Fever Side Lunges

Dolly Started the fun run at 10:30 and every kilometre the runners were given a piece of Disco attire from blue tinted glasses to feather bowers. After the race Dolly and I cooled down the runners with some stretching and handed out prizes.

Its fantastic to live in such a diverse city with really comes to life every year that Pride takes place. I love doing events like these because they help reinforce the my belief that fitness should be FUN!!

I make sure that my Bootcamp and Personal Training sessions are fun and enjoyable, so that my clients look forward to their next session – after all if you enjoy something you’ll want to do it again and again.

Hopefully Brighton Pride will ask me back again next year so we can have even more fun……

If you took part in the race or volunteered on the day, I’m offering a half-price Personal Training session with me for you to use before 22nd September 2014 – contact me for further details.

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