Body transformation – Month 1

Body transformation Arbonne 30 days

Hello everyone, my blog is being launched again, and I’m sharing my body transformation with you first.

I’ve been away from Personal Training for 18 months due to working for Brighton Half Marathon. It was an amazing opportunity to work with BHM, but being sat back at a desk for 8 hours a day took its toll. I put on weight I didn’t need or want.

I learned I’m only human and I took my eye off the ball for just a little bit too long. To feel happier in my body and able to start Personal Training again things had to change.

I’m Independent Consultant with Arbonne International, so I decided to follow the “30 days to a healthier living” programme and test its effectiveness. The programme is a simple and easy to follow 30 day detox.

I chose to follow the plant based “vegan” route – this was way outside my comfort zone as I’ve always been a meat eater, but I was surprised at how simple it’s actually been, and yes you can get protein from other sources other than meat and dairy! There’s also a meat version if you don’t want to go with the vegan option.

Monday 4th October 2016 was day 1 of my 30 days, and my starting weight was 83kg, and my Body Mass Index (BMI) was 26.1 (so yes I was now in the “overweight” category). I wanted to see how an average client would progress on the 30 days to a healthier living plan, so kept my gym sessions to 45-60mins, 2-3 times per week at a moderate to high intensity, and did a mixture of cardio and resistance training. I also used a pedometer and made sure I was achieving the minimum number of steps each day too.

The results

28th October:

Weight: 78kg (it’s now 77kg)

BMI: 24.6 so I’m back in the “Healthy” range

At the end of the 30 days are incredible! I still have a little bit further to go, but i’m over halfway to my goal.

November: I’m continuing the plan for another 30 days  – who wants to join me?

Matthew - before and after

Matthew – before and after

I’d love to discuss the 30 days programme with you, so contact me today and lets have a conversation about how you too can get results.

Contact me for more information about Arbonne and their products, or visit my Arbonne website:


Arbonne 30 days

Arbonne’s 30 day to a healthier living set.

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